• Car Exterior
    • Hand Car Wash: Your car is washed by hand with less water and no risk of damaging your cars paint with more attention to details.
    • Wash Tires and Rims / Wheels: Removing dirt, grease and brake dust and cleaning the pores…
    • Dress Tires and Rims / Wheels: Polishing and applying protection, restoring the shine
    • Clean Windows and Mirrors: hand clean to remove residue film, bugs and fingerprints then dry to increasing your visibility
    • Polish Glass: reconditioning, and protecting glass surface.
    • Dress Vinyl and Rubber Trim: restoring and protecting deep color.
    • Chrome and Polished Aluminum: resurrecting shine, applying protective coating, preventing rust and stains.
  • Car Exterior Wax
    • Polish and Clean: also known as deep cleaning process, removing road tar, grease and salt, preparing paint for sealant.
    • Protect and Seal: extending the life of your paint. Protecting from constant New England weather changes.
  • Car Interior
    • Vacuum: removing to the dirt and dust from the carpeting.
    • Dust Dashboard and Console: reducing dust allergies of you and your passengers.
    • Shampoo Carpet: removing dirt that gets into the fibers and removing odor
    • Shampoo Floor Mats: like dry cleaners for the most area of the cars interior
    • Clean Leather and Vinyl: removing stains, scuffs.
    • Condition Leather and Vinyl: protecting and preventing discoloration, restoring factory look and feel.
    • Shampoo Fabric Upholstery: degreasing, removing stains like coffee.
    • Spot Clean: with extra attention to carpet, mats and upholstery.
    • Dust Vents, Openings and Electronics: leaving them dust-free.


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